Piedmont Gun Club – Cowboy Smallbore Silhouette Information

Cowboy Smallbore Silhouette Matches are held the third Saturday of each month – March through October.

Competition Open To:  Open to the public
Entry Fee:  $10 Non-Members, $5 Members, $5 Seniors, $5 Juniors
Entries Close:  Entries close at 10:55am the day of each match.
Post Entries:  Entries will be accepted until 10:55am the day of each match.
Send Entries:  All entries are received prior to the start of each match.
Firing Starts:  Range opens for practice at 10:00am and match starts at 11:00am
Rules:  Official NRA Rifle Silhouette Rules and Regulations Apply
Match Course:  10 chicken targets at 40 meters, 10 pig targets at 50 meters, 10 turkey targets at 75 meters, and 10 ram targets at 100 meters.
Targets:  Hunter Pistol (1/2 size)
Classification:  Master, AAA, AA, A, B
General information:  Smallbore Cowboy Rifle Silhouette is any lever, pump, or semi-auto rimfire rifle with a tubular magazine.  Iron sites only (no optics).   .22 long rifle ammo standard velocity round nose lead bullets only.  High velocity ammo, copper coated bullets, and hollow points are prohibited.

For more information, contact:

Monte Higgins – Match Director

GPS Coordinates:
N35 21.780 W
082 01.096

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Recent Cowboy Silhouette Match Results
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