2017 North Carolina Smallbore Silhouette State Match

State Championship Matches at Asheville Rifle & Pistol Club on June 3 & 4!!!

Download your registration form here

You know you want to come to the mountains and escape the heat and humidity of where you live!  You know you want to catch up with the extended “family members” in Silhouettes! Come on, just do it!!!  It will be a beautiful drive from wherever you live to the Asheville, NC area.  You can probably stop along the way and talk to some of those nice road repair guys – you know, during the traffic jams!  That will break up the tedium of driving like a NASCAR driver on the Interstates (and back roads).

We are working hard to make this a good match to attend.  We already have a Case of Ammo to give out as drawing prizes!

Hope to hear from you and see you soon!!!